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Dear Customer,

We are excited to announce that our Hair123 site is undergoing an amazing transformation! We are really excited about the changes and know you're going to love the improvements. We can't wait to show you! You won't find better choice, value or service anywhere else. You will soon see a fresher, more efficient site which will house an array of new hair loss products to assist you in your daily hair care routine. The hair care industry has massively expanded over the last 20 years and we guarantee that we have sourced the very best products out there. All our existing and newly introduced products will come with an unbeatable full 60 day money back guarantee - you don't need a reason - just let us know and we'll refund you the cost - no questions asked. We know sometimes you want to ask a question or order by phone, that’s why we’re upgrading our phone operation to an amazing 24 hour / 7 days a week service. Our friendly and highly knowledgeable UK based customer service team will be ready to take your call. "What more could I want" we hear you say… Well how about an industry leading delivery service? We will soon be able to deliver all product orders received by 3pm, next day for FREE!

Thank you


"My order of Toppik arrived yesterday. I was absolutely astonished at the results."

Les Kelvin, Columbus OH

"It is almost like my hair is multiplying before my eyes, like the instant transplant you refer to. Nothing else works half as well and I have tried everything. Thank you.."

Gary Luckman, Attleboro Mass
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